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Odour Removal & Treatment

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Specialised Restoration Services (SRS) operates 24/7 and is ready to respond at a moments notice, and can arrive to the affected property within 3 to 4 hours from the first call.

We seek out and find the source of the odour and can eliminate all different types of odours;

  • Soot & smoke odours
    • if you’ve had a recent fire in your property; there can be a really unpleasant smell caused by the soot and smoke that has been throughout the property; we offer many different treatments and solutions for this type of odour.
  • Bacteria odours
    • Bacteria is the main cause of odour, if you have had a recent leak or have wet carpets from a unprofessional carpet cleaner there can be a buildup of odour from the byproduct of the bacteria; SRS has the solutions for you.
  • Tabacco (cigarette or cigar) odours
    • Smoke odours can drift through the house and leave an unpleasant smell on your clothes or furniture; we have the treatments to offer you.
  • Pet oil or animal oil odours
    • Lots of Australians have their pets has apart of the family inside the home; and the indoor environment can end up smelling from the oils from the pets and animals leave behind; we can offer the right solutions.
  • Urine odours
    • Urine odours can be difficult to remove on all different types of surfaces; depending if the source of the odours in on porous floor coverings, timber floor boards, or furniture or walls; if you’d like to know more then give us a call!
  • Fungi or mould odours
    • Fungi or mould odours usually have like a musty or wet smell relating to the areas or items causing the odour; SRS have the treatment and the solutions for the odour.
  • Food odours
    • During a power outage, the fridge and freezers can be turned off for a period of time; you may end up with a rotten and nasty smell, whatever the source of the odour is we have the treatment and solutions for the odour.