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Bowling Disaster; Timber Floor Drying

//Bowling Disaster; Timber Floor Drying

Bowling Disaster; Timber Floor Drying

We at Specialised Restoration Services (SRS) specialise in structural drying of all different types of materials including timber floors / timber floorboards; and were called onsite for emergency drying of the Bathurst Tenpin Bowling Alley, on 45 mitre street, Bathurst NSW 2795; The water ingress entered the property via the the box guttering overflowing on the ceiling; a Frisbee was found to be the cause of the water intrusion, blocking one of the drainage points.

Dwayne the owner was in a distressed state. We started with our initial report process, documenting and scoping the affected area, finding challenges with the environment and situation at hand, the main challenges and concerns to consider were;

  • Business operations; Dwayne would like to become back up and operational as soon as possible.
  • Bowling Alley Timber; The timber on the lanes is a maple decking specifically designed for bowling lanes; the humidity of the timber could not drop below 45% or exceed 55% as advised by the owner of the property.
  • Access; the access underneath the blowing lanes were limited; the structural framing and joists were constructed in which the area was inaccessible.

We proceeded with the operation at hand; our challenge to overcome was to successfully dry the affected area and return the property to pre-loss conditions with no access directly to the water logged materials, without disrupting business operations, WH&S to consider for the occupants of the building, the general public and for our own technicians and the limitations of the timber flooring on the bowling lanes.

We consulted with Garry Carroll from Australian Cleaning & Restoration Academy a timber floor & structural drying specialist in Australia on how to approach the situation; injunction with his and our knowledge we came to a resolution. There was only one equipment available to meet all the criteria.

We installed the DBK Drymatic II, four of them mounted in the ceiling cavity, running on a push-pull setup, controlling the environment and managing the challenges. The equipment is out of site and running quietly not intruding on business operations or WH&S of the general public or the building occupants. The equipment can manage and control the environment; via controlling the humidity between the desired amounts.

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