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Restorative cleaning is more advanced then general cleaning and involves procedures designed to remedy a specific level of damage to a particular objects and items.

Specialised Restoration Services (SRS) utilises all available opportunities to remove smoke odour from contents including but not limited too;

  • Allowing contents to be exposed to structural odour procedures.
  • Deodorising contents before cleaning via spray, cold or thermal fogging, or by exposure to ozone gases or hydroxyls.
  • Adding suitable odour counteract-ants to the cleaning solution when possible.

Specialised Restoration Services (SRS) wet cleaning procedures for contents include;

  • Foam Cleaning
  • Spray and Wipe
  • Abrasive Cleaning
  • Immersion Cleaning

These methods can be used on contents such as;

  • Soft furnishings;
  • Hard furnishings;
  • Dry cleaning and laundry;
  • High value items;
  • Books;
  • Window treatments;
  • Appliances and electronics;
  • Personal items;
  • Kitchen accessories;
  • Time and materials;
  • White goods; and
  • Miscellaneous services.