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Dry Clean and Laundry

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In most situations, dry cleaning and laundry involves soft goods that are directly affected by smoke and soot residues. In less intense fires, soft goods ma not show visible evidence or smoke damage. Because soft goods are so absorbent, Specialised Restoration Services (SRS) does not rely on visual evidence alone. SRS uses a range of senses and tests to determine the restorability of the items. In sever smoke residue situations, clothing should be cleaned and deodorised as soon as practical.

Usually, most soft goods are taken away during the emergency service pack-out phase of restoration. If emergency service deodorisation was performed by another contractor and soft goods were left in the smoke damaged structure, Specialised Restoration Services (SRS) will have to consider theses items carefully. Soft goods left behind will continue to absorb odours and become less salvageable, and everyone involved should understand this. The sooner soft goods are processed, the better chance they stand to be cleaned and deodorised successfully.

After Specialised Restoration Services (SRS) has carefully inspected the soft goods, the next step is to discuss with the client which items should be restored and which should be discarded. Some clients required emergency clothing e.g. usually one or two weeks of clothing for each family member so they are taken care of, the remaining clothing is processed as soon as practical.