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The right equipment onboard our Emergency Response Vehicles is a necessary to make sure you achieve the right goals for the job;

Specialised Restoration Services (SRS) Emergency Response Vehicles are designed and equipped to address all the critical items needed to undo the damage.

Our specialist equipment includes a series of equipment;

  • High Power Emergency Water Extraction Tool
  • 15 Centrifugal Airmovers
  • 20 High Speed Axial Fans
  • 6 Dehumidifiers (LGR)
  • 5 Drymatic II Systems
  • 8 Drymatic Boost Bar Units
  • 5 HEPA Filtration Units
  • 4 Hydroxyl Generators
  • State of the Art Moisture Reading Equipment
  • Containment Systems (ability to contain an area and make safe)
  • & More!

Emergency Response Vehicles - Specialised Restoration Services Orange central west NSW

Specialised Restoration Services (SRS) can assist with professional damage restoration in your home or commercial property, we operate 24/7 with our emergency damage services;

  • Emergency Make Safe
  • Emergency Water Extraction
  • Emergency Insurance Reporting
  • Emergency Contents Drying
  • Emergency Structural Drying
  • Emergency Mould Containment
  • Emergency Sewage Decontamination Response