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Specialised Restoration Services (SRS); eliminates soot from flooring at the start of the project and and the end of the project. This helps reduce contamination soil tracking/


Carpet can be highly absorbent and vulnerable material. This is especially true in water-damaged carpets where the water is contaminated with smoke residue or other contaminates. Due to the interaction between smoke residues and carpet dyes, colour changes can occur that are very difficult to address.

Specialised Restoration Services (SRS) determines the best type of cleaning method for the carpet in question, these methods may include;

  • Hot water extraction;
  • Rotary shampooing;
  • Rotary bonnet; and
  • Encapsulation.

The cleaning procedure or procedures you choose must be tailored to return the appearance to its pre-loss condition without damaging the fibres.

Hard Surfaces;

Hardwood floors; The first priority for wet hardwood flooring is to get it dry. The water used to extinguish the fire is usually contaminated with smoke residue and odour, and if these contaminates penetrate the underside of the wood flooring, deodorisation becomes impossible. Sanding and sealing floors damaged in this manner will control these hidden odours sources, but only for a time.

Because wood is hygroscopic, it constantly expands and contracts relative to the vapour pressure within the space. When this happens, off gassing of smoke odour will be noticeable while occupying that room space.


Many of the types of vinyl tiles and sheet goods are restorable by wet cleaning, depending upon the degree of heat and smoke damage. When salvageable smoke damaged finished floor coverings are encountered, Specialised Restoration Services (SRS) plans to clean these areas at the beginning and again at the end of the job.

Ceramic Tiles;

Ceramic tile floors are nearly impervious to smoke and fire damage. Grout, however is not. Grout is usually porous and smoke residue may be deposited or grounded into the surface. Specialised Restoration Services (SRS) uses a rotary powered floor machine utilising high pressure water which is very affective on these surfaces.