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Finished wood procedures;

The following cleaning procedure Specialised Restoration Services (SRS) follows are for all hard furnishings – finished wood furniture or parts of furniture that is constructed of wood, i.e. wood arms on chairs, wood legs on sofas and cabinetry.

  1. Inspect and document all visible pre-exisiting damages
  2. Pre-condition all surfaces inside and out.
  3. Wet clean and deodorise

Some finished wood surfaces that are blistered, charred or permanently stained cannot be cleaned by the above methods. Items damaged in this matter should be referred to a professional refinishing contractor, who will remove the old finish and apply a new one.

Mini refinishing (slight bubbling of finish due to excessive heat exposure);

  1. Lightly and evenly sand bubbled layer of finish to a uniform texture
  2. Clean old finish residue with dry solvent
  3. Make spray application of clear varnish
  4. Sand first coat lightly
  5. Clean with dry solvent
  6. Evenly apply second coat of clear varnish

Full refinishing;

  1. Completely strip all old finish
  2. Sand charred or scorched areas
  3. Bleach stain and thoroughly dry
  4. Re-stain to original colour
  5. Refinish (four coats)

and other procedures such as;

  • Unfinished wood procedure
  • Deodorising