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Moisture requirements for fungi

/Moisture requirements for fungi
Moisture requirements for fungi2018-02-20T00:57:10+00:00
General Class Type Fungi Water Requirements Comments

Hydrophilic Fungi

Mesophillic Fungi

Xerotolerant Fungi

Xerophillic Fungi

Fusarium Rhisopus, Stachybotrys spp

Most Mycelial Fungi; Alternaria,
Epicoccum, Ulocladium

Cladosporium spp, aspergillus versicolor
Eurotium (Aspergillus glaucus group),
some penicillium spp

Aspergillus Restrictus

Minimum Aw >0.9

Minimum Aw >0.8 <0.9 

Optimum Aw >0.9

Minimum Aw <0.8
Optimum Aw >0.8

Minimum Aw <0.8

Colonize continuosly wet materials, e.g.
Wallboard, humidifiers, drip pans.

Colonize chronically damp materials,
e.g. damp wallboard, fabrics, Xerotolerant fungi
also can grow under these conditions.

Colonise relatively dry materials, e.g.
house dust at high relative humidity.

Colonise dry materials e.g.
house dust at moderate relative humidity

Source: American Council Of Govermental and Industrial Hygienists (ACGIH), Bioaerosols: Assessment and Control.

Fungi Health Effects Source


Fungal Spores


Hypersensitivity Aspergillosis


Asthma, Rhinitis


Damp Organic Matter

Damp Organic Matter

Damp Organic Matter

Damp Organic Matter