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Structural Restoration

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Structural Cleaning;

Structure – Refers to materials used to construct the building envelope, roofing, floor and wall assemblies, and all items physically attached to the structure. Structural cleaning attempts to restore these same surfaces – smoke-affected walls, floors, ceilings and anything permanently mounted or improved upon.

Testing Before Cleaning;

Usually the most cost effective restoration option is cleaning. When cleaning, Specialised Restoration Services (SRS) ultimate responsibility is to preserve fabrics and surfaces from further damage. A basic step required in light-to-moderate smoke odour situations begins cleaning the source area.
Test cleaning helps determine what approach to cleaning will achieve the best results;

  • Clean Only;
    • Dry soil removal.
      Dry soil removal with localised wet cleaning of electrical wall plates, doors, door trims, windows and window trim.
  • Wet Clean;
    • Choosing the right restoration method for different materials and surfaces.
    • Aggressive cleaning techniques on acoustical textured ceiling, coating components.
  • Clean in preparation for paint only; and
  • ¬†Clean in preparation for sealer and paint.

Traditionally, wet cleanable surfaces include most woodwork, doors and door frames, and semi-gloss painted surfaces. Two structural areas where the restorer will find most washable surfaces are located in the kitchen and bathrooms. Prior to clean smoke damaged surfaces, secure breakables from furniture, and remove draperies, wall decorations and framed articles to prevent damage.