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Water Removal Equipment and Tools

/Water Removal Equipment and Tools
Water Removal Equipment and Tools2018-01-09T01:17:02+00:00

Specialised Restoration Services (SRS) will initially remove as much liquid as water as is reasonably possible before any evaporative drying procedures are initiated. Water Removal Equipment may include;

  • Pumps
    • Pumping equipment with sufficient lift and volume capacity can be used to remove standing water from floors and structural components.
  • Extraction Units
    • Water can be efficiently remove from the structure, system and contents using extraction units with sufficient vacuum capability (lift and airflow). These units can also be used for removing deep standing water when pumps are not available. Extraction can be performed with units designed specifically for this purpose or with units designed for carpet cleaning with extraction capability. There are two basic types of extraction units; truck-mount and portable units.
  • Extraction Tools
    • Light Wand; a light wand is a non-weighted tool used for water extraction and carpet cleaning. the light wand is an appropriate for initial water removal extraction water from glued down carpet and is also effective to remove residual water on the surface carpets after stationary tools have extracted water from the underlay.
    • Hard Surface Wand; a hard surface wand is a tool specifically designed to extract standing water from hard surfaces (e.g. concrete, tile, vinyl, hardwood).
    • Weighted Drag Tool; a weighted drag tool is generally used for extraction on carpeted surfaces. It uses weight and a roller to compress a vacuum head into the carpet and underlay and extract water as the tool is dragged across it.
    • Stationary Tool; Stationary tool are rectangular panels with multiple holes or slots in the base of the unit. The technician usually stands on the stationary unit, compressing the carpet and underlay and creating a vacuum seal to remove water.
    • Self-propelled unit; self-propelled units are powered by a motor that moves the unit across the carpet. Weight for compression of the carpet and underlay is provided by the weight of the machine or the operator.